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Eva Wanganeen

Eva Wanganeen

شاهد صالة العرض على الانترنت
Eva Wanganeen is a descendant of the Arrente and Kokatha people on her grandmother Eva Kites' side and the River Murray on her father's side. Eva's maternal grandfather gives her a connection to the Wiringu people near Ceduna.

Eva Wanganeen was born in 1952 and has 3 sisters and 5 brothers. Eva was born with spina bifida and spent a lot of time in hospital up until she was a teenager but was allowed to go home between operations and has many happy memories of Point Pearce because of her family there. Her parents were told she would never walk or have children but her grandfather would not believe the doctors and encouraged her to take steps by standing her against a wall. Eva feels blessed as she eventually walked, married and had a beautiful daughter.

Eva Wanganeen continues to be inspired by what she learned and endeavours to pass on this knowledge through her art. In this rich ancient culture spanning over 40,000 years, many icons and symbols are used and Eva weaves these into her art. She chose to paint on silk because of the natural smooth texture and the rich vibrant colours achieved which are reflected in the Australian landscape.

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