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Judy Martin

Judy Martin

شاهد صالة العرض على الانترنت
Judy Martin was born in Mimili. Her father's country is Wakura, near Nyapari and her mother's country is Puntiri, near Sandy Bore, 30kms South West of Mimili Community in northern South Australia. Judy lives in Mimili with her partner Muntjanti Martin and they have a son, Joseph.

Judy's paintings depict Victory Well, a place she travelled to by camel as a child to gather bush tucker whilst the men would hunt. Victory Well is set amongst stunning boulders and sand hills and many Anangu families live on homelands such as Sandy Bore. Judy Martin also paints surrounding water holes, sand hills and mountain ranges. The passages of water on the lands are important and cherished by all. Judy's application of paint is unique and her paintings lyrical. Judy has a deep connection to country and a spiritual linking with the land. These powerful links to the desert are expressed with beauty and integrity in her canvas paintings.

Judy Martin has exhibited in Australia since 2005. Her work is held in Artbank and private collections.

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