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Whiskey Tjukangku

Whiskey Tjukangku

شاهد صالة العرض على الانترنت
Whiskey Tjukangku was born in 1939. He grew up in both Ernabella and De Rose Hill. He never went to school. As a little boy, he couldn't say his Aboriginal name, so one day, he got a new name: he went on a walking trip with Eric and a camel on their way to Tyrone Downs Station; he got his name "Whiskey" from Eric whose camel had that name! As a young boy, he worked on a cattle station then as a teenager, Whiskey worked with the cattle in other stations doing mustering and trucking them ready for travel. He married on Granite Downs and had 5 children.

Whiskey Tjunkangku was the first man to paint at Iwantja Arts in South Australia and continues to enjoy painting. He says he remembers culture designs that no one else knows.

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