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Naata Nungurayi

Naata Nungurayi

شاهد صالة العرض على الانترنت
Naata Nungurrayi was born in 1932 at the site of Kumil, west of the Pollock Hills in Western Australia and sadly passed away in September 2021. Naata and her family first came to Papunya from the desert bush in 1962. She was from the Pintupi group from Kintore, Northern Territory and was one of the senior elders of the Kintore women artist movement. Naata was the sister of George Tjungurrayi and Nancy Nungurrayi, and her son is Kenny Williams Tjampitjinpa who are all well-known artists. Naata's Dreamings which she painted depict sacred women's sites and women's ceremonies in the Kintore and Kiwirrkura region. As an elder and through her lineage, Naata was one of the few women to have permission to paint certain features of these Dreamings. She developed a distinctive style, quite different to the mens' style of the region. One of her paintings appeared on Australia Post stamps in a 2003 special edition of Aboriginal art. Naata Nungurrayi was named among the Top 50 of Australia’s Most Collectable Artists by Australian Art Collector in 2004.

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