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Dr George (Takara) Tjapaltjarri

Dr George (Takara) Tjapaltjarri

شاهد صالة العرض على الانترنت

'Dr' George Tjapaltjarri is a Pintupi artist working in a highly contemporary style. His paintings possess a wonderful boldness, conveying his strong, continuous association with his traditional country, ceremonies and the application of body paint designs. His subjects are that of Tingari Cycle and Snake Dreaming. He has been represented in major Australian exhibitions and his works have been acquired by public and private collections both in Australia and internationally. He has been painting in the Gallery Gondwana studios since the mid 1990's.

'Dr' George first came into contact with white society when he and his family walked out of the western desert in 1964. As a traditional Aboriginal medicine man, he has worked in association with the Kintore and Tjukurla Medical Clinics, hence the name 'Dr' George.

'Dr' George's paintings refer to the Tingari cycle, when a group of Ancestral beings travelled his country calling into existence the features and Beings of the landscape. This country is continually revitalised - through song, ritual dance, ceremonies and paintings - by the traditional owners of the land, of whom 'Dr' George is one of the senior custodians. His traditional country includes Karrinwarra, west of Kintore and the Kilinga - Wanampa region located west of Jupiter Well in the Gibson Desert.

Selected Exhibitions
· 1988 Queensland Museum, Brisbane, Australia
· 1998 Tingari - My Dreaming, Japingka Gallery, Fremantle, Australia
· 1998 Tingari Cycle - Paintings of the Pintupi, Gallery Gondwana, Alice Springs, Australia
· 1998 Warlimpirrnga Tjapaltjarri and 'Dr' George Tjapaltjarri, Coo-ee Aboriginal Art Gallery, Sydney, Australia
· 1999 'Tingari Cycle', Fire-Works Gallery, Brisbane, Australia
· 1999 Painting the Desert-Alliance Francaise de Canberra & French Embassy
· 1999 'Dr' George Tjapaltjarri - Gallery Gondwana, Alice Springs, Australia
· 2000 'Lines' - Fire-Works Gallery, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, Australia
· 2000 Recent Paintings by Walala Tjapaltjarri and 'Dr' George Tjapaltjarri, Coo-ee Aboriginal Art Gallery, Sydney, Australia
· 2000 'Landmarks' Brisbane Powerhouse, Dar Festival, Australia
· 2005 Cicada Trading gallery, Milan, Italy
· 2005 Cicada Trading gallery, New York Art Fair, USA
· 2006 Cicada Trading gallery, Houston, USA
· 2006 'Dreamtime Stories' Cicada Trading gallery, Kingdom of Bahrain

· Museums and Art Galleries of the Northern Territory, Australia
· National Gallery of Victoria
· Private Collections

Note: Above information courtesy of Gallery Gondwana.

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