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Alice Nampitjimpa

Alice Nampitjimpa

شاهد صالة العرض على الانترنت

Alice Nampitjimpa was born circa 1945, west of Kintore area of Central Australia and is of the Pintupi language group.

As a painter Alice Nampitjimpa is inspired by her rich cultural heritage. Sites of significance for her are Walungurru (her mother's country) and west of there towards Kiwirrkurra. Her birthplace, Talaalpi, is a swamp near and a little bit to the east of Walungurru. Her father's country is Ngurrapalangu, his tjukurrpa (dreaming), the porcupine. The porcupine was traveling through the sandhills and passing near the two carpet snakes, kuniya kutjarra, who were living underneath the water.

Alice Nampitjimpa is an active "dancing woman" who travels widely to participate in annual ceremonies. She worked for many years at the Kintore school, teaching the young girls dancing. She is also a master craftswoman, producing hand-spindled hair string for ceremonies and ininti necklaces. She regularly goes out bush to collect ininti seeds then laboriously pierces them with hot wire to make beads for necklaces, bracelets or mats.

Alice is a very sought after artist.

Selected Group Exhibitions
Alice Nampitjimpa has held numerous exhibitions since 1995 in Australia, Japan, Germany, Italy, the USA and Singapore. More recently, Alice Nampitjimpa's work was exhibited by Cicada Trading gallery in Bahrain in November 2006.

· National Gallery of Victoria
· Supreme Court, Darwin
· Griffith University
· Araluen Art Centre
· Gabrielle Pizzi Collection
· Active Youth Collection, Japan

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