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Janet Golder Kngwarreye

Janet Golder Kngwarreye

شاهد صالة العرض على الانترنت

Janet was born on 15th November 1973 at Mulga Bore. Her country is Anmatyerre. She is the daughter of Margaret Golder and Sammy Pitjara and grand-daughter of Old Henry Pitjara, Angelina Ngale and Polly Ngale. Originally from Boundary Bore, she now lives in Alice Springs but regularly travels back to her country. She is married to Ronnie Bird, whose mother is renowned artist Ada Bird, and they have 4 children, Rochelle, Renady, Katrina and Troytan.

Janet is a wonderfully talented new artist who would have been taught by her extended family of renowned artists. She predominantly depicts ceremonial body paint, using fine dot work and linear patterns.

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