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Judy Watson Napangardi

Judy Watson Napangardi

شاهد صالة العرض على الانترنت

Judy was born circa 1925 in Yuendumu, in the central desert region of Australia. She is a member of the Warlpiri clan.

Judy's country is Mina Mina, an important women's Dreaming site 200 km west of Yuendumu. Most of her works depict Mina Mina or Dreamings connected to it: Karnta (Women), Kanakurlangu (Digging Stick), Ngalyipi (Snake Vine), Yunkaranyi (Honey Ant), Jintiparnta (Native Truffle) and Majardi (Hair String Belt).

She has painted with Warlukurlangu Artists since 1986, is a committee member of the association, and is one of its most accomplished and prolific artists. With her sister, Maggie Napangardi Watson, Judy has developed a popular and distinctive style of contrasting lines of colour with richly textured surfaces. She has participated in numerous group exhibitions both in Australia and the USA (Chicago, Miami and Seattle) and Japan and her work is held in major collections.

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