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Lindsay Bird

Lindsay Bird

شاهد صالة العرض على الانترنت

Lindsay Bird was born on the Bushy Park Station (Ungoola) from whose owner (Jim Bird) Lindsay partly got his name. He still lives in that region with his wife Mavis and three daughters, Kavean, Jessica and Rosy Ngale and extended family. Their lifestyle is still very much traditional, hunting for food and maintaining strong links with their land values and ceremonies.

His dreamings include Prickle, Mulga Tree, Bloodwood trees, Bush Plum, Honey Ant and Woomera.

Lindsay is recognised as a leader in the art movement from Utopia, as his representation in many collections around the world testify. As one of the few male participants, he was involved in the famous batik project at Utopia, the artworks of which toured Australia and overseas from 1977 to 1987. Lindsay Bird Mpetyane was instrumental in making acrylic paintings more important at Utopia. His artworks are characterised by great precision and fine colour combinations. After Emily Kame Kngwarreye, he was one of the first Aboriginal artists to have solo exhibitions.

· Contemporary Aboriginal Art - Harvard University and Touring USA and Australia
· Aboriginal Art from Utopia - Regional Gallery, Noosa, Australia
· New Year / New Art - Sydney, 1989, Australia
· A Picture Story - Tandanya, South Australia
· The Royal Hiberian Academy - Dublin, Ireland
· Gallery Gundulmirri - Warrandyte, Melbourne, Austraalia
· Art from Utopia - St Louis, USA
· Solo Exhibition - Utopia Art - Sydney, 1991

· Australian National Gallery, Canberra, Australia
· Robert Holmes a Court Collection, WA, Australia as depicted in Utopia – A picture Story
· The CAAMA collection, Australia
· Kelton Foundation Collection - USA
· Parliament House - Art Collections, Canberra, Australia
· Federal Airport Collection, Australia
· Kluge Collection - USA
· St Louis Opera House, Misouri - USA

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