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Nyilpirr Ngalyaku Spider Snell

Nyilpirr Ngalyaku Spider Snell

شاهد صالة العرض على الانترنت

Nyilpirr Ngalyaku Spider Snell was born in 1930 at Yurramaral in the Great Sandy Desert, to the South east of the Canning Stock Route. He came into the station country when he was already a young man. He quickly developed strong skills in handling horses and cattle. He had seen them along the stock route and had watered them at Lamboo well. He was a stockman on Christmas Creek Station for a long time.

Nyilpirr is the respected elder for the Kurtal ceremony (Kurtal is the place where the only permanent waterhole in his country is located). His language group is Wangkajunga.

Since his first solo show in 1997 in Sydney, Nyilpirr has exhibited extensively throughout Australia and in Germany, the UK. In 2006, Cicada Trading exhibited his artwork in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

· 2004 Telstra National Aboariginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award - General painting art award

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