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Ollie (Allie) Kemarre

Ollie (Allie) Kemarre

شاهد صالة العرض على الانترنت

Due to the sad passing of this artist, no photo of her will be displayed.

Ollie (Allie) Kwementyay Kemarre was born around 1939 at Mount Swann and was brought up in the Haarts Range region with her sister, Gladdy Kemarre and brother Billy Benn Pwerle. Ollie sadly passed away 16th March 2007 in Alice Springs Hospital.

The two sisters, with Angelina Pwerle, often sat together, painting the bush plum dreaming which had been passed down to her by her grandmother. Ollie's work always reflected her deep connection to her land and how own beautiful personality. While Ollie often remained in the shadow of her more renowned sister Gladdy and the 3 Ngale sisters, the two siblings used to be inseparable. Even their work had been included jointly in numerous exhibitions on Utopian Art, including the first Utopia pianting project in 1989. In recent times, Ollie's work had been bought by major public collections.

Kwementyay is substituted for a person's first name after death in central Australian Aboriginal law.

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