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Shorty Jangala Robertson

Shorty Jangala Robertson

شاهد صالة العرض على الانترنت

Shorty Jangala Robertson was born at Jila (Chilla Well), a large soakage and claypan north-west of Yuendumu, circa the 1930's. He lived a nomadic hunter-gatherer lifestyle with his parents, older brother and extended Warlpiri family. Together they travelled vast distances across desert country and during his youth Shorty had virtually no contact with white men. After his father passed away he and his mother moved to Yuendumu.

During World War II, the army took people from Yuendumu to the other Warlpiri settlement at Lajamanu. Shorty was taken and separated from his mother however she came to get him and together, on foot, they travelled hundreds of miles back to Jila.

Drought, food shortage and lack of medical supplies forced Shorty and his family back to Yuendumu from time to time. He finally settled there in 1967 after the Australian Citizen Referendum. Shorty passed away in 2014.

Group Exhibitions
· 2006 Cicada Trading at the Bahrain Arts Society, the Kingdom of Bahrain
· 2007 Cicada Trading in Abu Dhabi, UAE
· 2007 Cicada Trading Canterbury, England
· 2007 Cicada Trading Paris, France
· 2007 Cicada Trading Houston, USA

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