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Susie Pitjara Hunter

Susie Pitjara Hunter

شاهد صالة العرض على الانترنت

Born in the Central Desert Region, on McDonald Station approx 300 NE of Alice Springs, circa 1983, Susie Pitjara Hunter currently lives with her husband and family in the Utopia region. Susie Pitjara Hunter's paintings depict bush medicine(lapanga) and bush tucker (manangara). It also depicts women's meetings.

Susie Pitjara Hunter first exhibited her wonderful art to the world through Cicada Trading's exhibitions in the USA in 2004. Her work has been enthusiastically received by collectors ever since.

Group Exhibitions
· 2004 Cicada Trading in Denver, USA
· 2004 Cicada Trading at Emily's, Clear Lake, Houston, USA
· 2005 Cicada Trading at Illayda Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
· 2005 Cicada Trading at Emily's, Clear Lake, Houston, USA
· 2005 Cicada Trading at New York Affordable Art Fair, New York, USA -exhibited with the Australian Aboriginal Fine Art Gallery of New York.
· 2006 Cicada Trading at Big 5 Exhibition, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
· 2006 Cicada Trading Art Gallery, Brisbane, Australia
· 2006 Cicada Trading MiArt 06, Milan Art Fair, Milan, Italy
· 2006 Cicada Trading in Milan, Italy
· 2006 Cicada Trading at the Bahrain Arts Society, the Kingdom of Bahrain
· 2006 Cicada Trading in Abu Dhabi, UAE
· 2007 Cicada Trading in Canterbury, England
· 2007 Cicada Trading in Paris, France
· 2007 Cicada Trading in Houston, USA

· The Robert Holmes a Court Collection, WA, Australia depicted in a book entitled Utopia – A Picture Story

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