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Katungka Napanangka

Katungka Napanangka

شاهد صالة العرض على الانترنت

Katungka was born c. 1950 near Kintore in the Central Desert Region of Australia and is Pintupi.

Katungka is one of the daughters of Katarra Nampitjinpa, an important Pintupi artist who painted originally with the PapunyaTula Artists and then later with Ikuntji artists at Haasts Bluff. Katungka watched her mother and sister, Permungka paint for many years but she only started painting regularly after her mother passed away in1999 . Katungka drives 100 kilometres round trip to and from Papunya every day to paint her stories. She is a devout Christian who is married to Pastor Murphy and regularly participates in religious ceremonies. Katungka appears to reconcile both traditions with respect and integrity and is deeply committed to the transmission of knowledge of both cultures.

Katungka paints her mother's dreaming stories or tjukurrpa from her country Ulkapa, near Kintore and the tjukurrpa from her own country at Intinti, both of which are far west of Haasts Bluff, over the West Australian border. The stories at Intinti involve women is hunting for kuniya or carpet snakes with nullanullas. The two kuniya disappear down rockholes, hiding from the women.

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