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George Milpurrurru Malibirr

George Milpurrurru Malibirr

شاهد صالة العرض على الانترنت

George (Milpurrurru) Malibirr (1934 - 1998) is recognised as having been one of the major bark painters of Arnhem Land. He was the first Australian artist to have a solo show during his own lifetime at the National Gallery of Australia, held in 1993. Also during 1993, the Year for the World's Indigenous Peoples, Australia Post issued a stamp of Milpurrurru's 1981 Goose Egg Hunt as part of its Dreamings series.

George Milpurrurru Malibirr was also a ceremonial leader of the Ganalbingu language speaking people, a skilled hunter, amarngitj or traditional healer, a ceremonial singer and dancer.

George Milpurrurru's figurative art maintains the religious nature of the subject matter through the repeated patterns of motifs across the surface of his work. The repetition of images refers to the regular patterns of conventional motifs found in the sacred paintings made for ceremonial purposes. The dynamic surfaces of Milpurrurru's paintings capture the vitality of the inner play between song, movement and painting in ceremony. George Milpurrurru's work is firmly based on the classical tradition of bark painting yet it reflects the vision of a contemporary artist working in the modern world.

George Milpurrurru's work was represented in three Biennales of Sydney as well as in major exhibitions in Australia, South East Asia and America. George Milpurrurru was one of the principal contributors to 'The Aboriginal Memorial 1998' made from 200 painted burial poles symbolising 200 years of white occupation of Australia. This installation has since been exhibited overseas including in the Hermitage Museum of St Petersbug and is on permanent display in the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra. Milpurrurru, together with fellow artists Roy Burnyila and David Daymirringu (Malangi) sang to consecrate the placing of the poles in the National Gallery. He is one of the few Australian artists who has been honoured with a solo retrospective exhibition at the National Gallery of Australia.

George Milpurruru Malibirr held numerous exhibitions worldwide from 1965 until 1995. Contact Cicada Trading for a copy of George Milpurruru's impressive biography and bibliography.

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