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Emma Daniel Nungarayi

Emma Daniel Nungarayi

شاهد صالة العرض على الانترنت

Emma Nungarayi lived at Papunya for a number of years. She is a well respected elder and up until recently has only painted occasionally. However, in 2004 Emma has become more prolific, developing a very free style with strong brush strokes and in-fill. Emma (sister of Don Tjungerrayi), holds much traditional knowledge, not only in story form, but also song and dance and she conveys this knowledge through her works with bold motifs and strong colours that reflect her feelings for those stories, the time of year and the colours of the country. Emma lived at Mt. Doreen near Yuendamu with her brother for many years and is the Traditional Owner of Karrinyarra, Mount Wedge. Paddy Carroll a renowned artist, (now deceased) is Emma's brother.

Special Projects
Desert Mob 2003 - Papunya Women Dancers - Performance
Opening of Ngurratjuta Art Centre 2004 - Dance Performance
Dancing Welcome for visit of Prince Charles to Alice Springs, 2005
2005 Dance for opening of Desert mob Exhibition
2006 Dance for opening of Desert Mob Exhibition

Selected Solo and Group Exhibitions
2003 Desert Mob Exhibition
2004 Desert Mob Exhibition
2005 Desert Mob Exhibition - Araluen Galleries, Alice Springs
2006 Solo exhibition - Art Shed, CAAS, Alice Springs
2006 Group show - Australia Dreaming Art Gallery, Melbourne
2006 Solo exhibition - Indigenart Gallery, Perth
2007 Group Show - Metro Temple ou Republic, France
2007 Cicada Trading - Canterbury, UK; Paris, France; Houston, USA

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